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Snappier IPTV Video Player Application


Apple TV, iPadOS, iOS

Written from the ground up with simplicity in mind, Snappier IPTV is a one-stop-solution for watching your Live TV or VOD from your favorite provider.

Cost: $12 US (Multiple Devices; Annually)

Helpful (Suggested) Setup Instructions

1. Download "Snappier IPTV" from the App Store.
2. Select "Add Playlist"
3. Select "Xtream-Codes"
- Enter Playlist Name (ie. “TV365”)

- Enter assigned Username (case sensitive).

- Enter assigned Password (case sensitive).
- Enter assigned playlist URL ( )
4. Under “OPTIONS” select YES for “Update playlist on App open”.
5.  Hit Save.

(Repeat for additional playlists)
6. Player will open.....Go to "Settings"

In settings, go to "Playback", then "Video", then under "Media Players"

- Enable VLC Player for LiveTV & Movies/Series
- In the same section, scroll down to buffer size, and 

Change to 9 seconds. Then hit Save.
- In settings, Under *Playlists & TV Guide select "TV Guide"

- Under “Auto Update on App open” select “ON”

- Turn ON, "show categories with no EPG", 

& "include missing Live TV Icons"

-Then at the top of that list select "Update/reload" 

(this will take approx. 2-5 minutes to complete the first time.


- In settings, under “Appearence”

> Use pure black Background - “ON”

> Live TV list view style - “OFF”

> Categories Sidebar : Always Show - “OFF”

> Catagories Sidebar : Show with all playlists - “ON”

> EPG : Show Top Info - “ON”

>Default Screen to Open On - “LiveTV”
- All other options are up to you to decide or play with, Have Fun!
(Additional Help: email or visit

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