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IPTVX Video Player -


Apple TV, iOS

Enjoy your Movies, TV Shows, and Live Channels using the multiple features that IPTVX offers, such as favorites, continue watching parental control, hidden channels, added recently, TV Guide, TV archive/catchup, special content, recommended content, downloads/offline, audio and videocast, and much more!

Cost: $400 mx (Multiple Devices; Annually)

Helpful (Suggested) Setup Instructions

  • Download "IPTVX" from the App Store.

  • Select your preferred subscription.

  • Install


1. Open Application

2. Select "+ New Playlist"
3. Select "Xtream API"
4. Enter

Playlist Name: (any)

Domain URL:

Username & Password (provided)

5. Choose Reload Frequency "1 Day"

6. Select "Save"

7. Select and Open Playlist (Content will download)
8. Player will open.....

Go to "Settings"
- Under "Channel Management" you can organize content further if you like.
- Under "Player" settings,

make sure VOD & Live player type is set to "Advanced Auto".

change "Buffer Window" to "9s"

if you have any further freezing or buffering issues, you can increase this.


Once completed you can customize other preferences and then use the back button

on the remote to go back to the main playlist screen.

Here you can select 

‘+ New Playlist” and repeat steps 3 - 8 for the second playlist we provided.

You will also use this screen to select which playlist you want to watch.

All other options are up to you to decide or play with, Have Fun!

Additional Help:


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