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Helpful (Suggested) Setup Instructions

Cabo Connect TV - The best and most complete streaming service in Cabo!

CCTV Smarters Pro

Android, Firestick, etc.

Easy to use custom IPTV app for Amazon FireStick and Android devices.


It comes with two integrated media players with adaptive HLS streaming.

No third-party apps or players are required. Simple UI design for easy navigation.


(Enter the URL below in your Android Downloader and install)

Download Code: 354095

Preparing the FireStick

1. Enabling Developer Options
This will allow the developer options feature to be
turned on. You will need to do this first in order to
set up the proper downloading and installing of
the application we need.

A. Settings: My Fire TV: About: Fire TV Stick
B. While the cursor is on “Fire TV Stick” press, the
center or select button 7 times. This will enable
developer options.
C. At the back button and under About you will
now see developer options. Select this.
D. Enable Apps From Unknown Sources


F. Also, in the "MY FIRE TV" options, there is a tab for

"Developer Options", make sure "ADB DeBugging" is turned ON.

2. Installing Downloader
A. On the Home Screen, click on the Find option.
B. Choose Search, and in the search bar, type
C. In search results, choose the Downloader app.
D. Click on the Download button and wait for the
app to install. When the app is installed, click
on the Open button.
E. Go back to the Home Screen. Click on the
settings button. Choose My Fire TV. In the
dropdown menu, click on Developer Options.
Click on Install Unknown Apps.

3. Installing the CCTV App

2. Click “Home” on the left sidebar.
3. Enter the Downloader Code: 354095 and press
“Go” on the onscreen keyboard.
- Download should automatically start.
4. Click “Install” on the bottom right.
5. Once installed, you will see two buttons at the 

bottom (Done & Open).
- Choose “Done” if you want to open the installed
app later or “Open” to start using the app now.
- when you click “Done” you will see a pop-up,
press the “Delete” button to remove the APK file
from your storage. You do not need it any longer.
6. Hit the Home button to return to the main screen.


7. Go to the "Settings" button on the Home Screen,

select "Applications", Go to "CaboConnectTV",

then select "Permissions", and make sure that 

"Storage" says "Allow".


Go back to "My Fire TV" and select "Restart".

4. Setting up the App & Playlists

Under the “My Apps” section you will see the

CaboConnectTV application.

1. Open the app.
2. On the first screen, you have a choice to select. If
the device you’re using is a TV or mobile device
please do so and hit save.
3. On the next screen, you will have an option to
enter the playlist info provided.
- Type the Name, Username, & Password from
your first playlist provided by us (Usename and
Password should be identical and they are case
sensitive). Then click “Add User”.
5. This will kick you into the playlist operations
screen. Next, select the icon in the upper right
hand corner. (It looks like two people with two
arrows cycling “Switch User”) Taking you to the
users list screen.
6. Click +Add User in the upper right hand corner to
add your second playlist. (repeat the process in step 3).

5. App Settings
1. You can click one of the main screen Squares to
download the current playlist Movies, TV,
and Live TV.
- You can also select the small arrows on the
bottom of each of those categories at any time
to refresh the playlist 👍🏼
2. Click the “Settings” icon in the upper right.
- Under “General”, at the bottom of the list select
your preferred language. Then select “Save Changes”.
- Under “Stream Format” select “Default” and
“Save Changes”. '
- Under “Automation” make sure both update
options are set to “1 Day” and “save changes”.
- Under “Player Settings” select “Buffer Size”,
this will depend on your consistency and
Internet speeds. The more unstable or slower
your speeds the higher you should set
the buffer size number. I recommend at first to 
set this at “30” and see how it responds. “Save changes”.
3. The rest of the settings are more optional, take
your time and get familiar with things, then
return to the main screen to start
getting used to your playlist categories…
4. As a helpful hint, anytime you are browsing the
categories and see a specific show or channel
that you want to save to your favorites list, you
can do so by holding the select button on the
remote down for more 1 second, and select “add to favorite”.



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